T – 7

In exactly one week I take up the role as manager of a team of 10 people, from my current role as one of the team. I am used to being the person who rolls up my sleeves and gets the job done; the job largely being defined by my manager or someone else. From next week I will have more of a hand in defining what needs to be done, and will determine who has the capacity and capability to get the job done. I will help to guide them, motivate them and work with them to be engaged.

I have taken a leap of faith that I have the necessary skills, as have those that have given me the opportunity. This is my journey to find out if it’s really where I’m meant to be, or if I am really happiest back frolicking between the sheets of an excel workbook.

I will address some of my demons and the reasons why I’ve waited until my mid-forties to put myself forward for a management role.

Tally ho!